Screen Social is a local company that works with the wider community and helps local businesses grow and adapt to ever-changing customer behavior.

Easier and more affordable model

When combining all products they have been proven to produce dramatic results. You can target customers with announcements, messages regarding your business, or an offer. Information about delivery/ collection/ appointment time or cancellations can be communicated. By engaging the customer, data gathering is then key to future marketing and to help encourage repeat business.

Covid - Paid On Delivery of results

2020 brings “Big Data” and now sees us launching a few add on products that complement our range of products. We can now help you encourage your customers with a “pay on delivery” or POD Shop and we only charge you for sending you paying customers. How we helped one of our POD Shop and Digital Screen hosts carry on trading during Covid-19 lockdown.

Interactive Loyalty Cards

 Interactive mobile Loyalty Cards were added which helped us understand the numbers of engagement from customers. We then added easy mobile validations for retailers using our smart mobile app. 

Larger screens - Bigger impact

 Larger 32" window screens added to the network to increase the number of opportunities to see. At the start of 2019 also saw our first larger 55" outdoor screen being installed on trial in Swan Walk car park with Horsham District Council.

Timed Coupons

Screen Social made the redemption of Timed Coupons easy, helping businesses understand their customers more. Customers claiming rewards created a real-world digital connection between you the retailer and your customer. 

Age UK

When we saw that lots of retailers and other types of locations had lots of collection tins near the till point we got very excited about how we could now step forward with one of our passions to help the local community. Every time we placed a digital screen in new location we placed alongside a collection tin for Age UK / Horsham District now Brighton & Hove

Screen Network

We created a network of 70 counter top digital screens for all types of independent businesses, with larger 32″ & 55″ screens added to the network later. Our first product, Screen Airtime, was used for brand awareness and mobile engagement for advertising on digital

Advertising on screens

Screen Airtime was being sold and used for brand awareness and mobile engagement digital on our screens. Research was carried out on screen locations with footfalls and other measurements.  

10 Screen Sponsorship

Our first trial network of 10 screens in various locations involved sponsorship from a local online events directory whereas they had 10 branded surrounds on the first batch of digital screens.